Saturday, July 25, 2009

A little kitty ditty

Ok, lady. I can see you're getting ready for a nice little day at the beach for yourself- don't worry about me one bit. I'll be fine here in this stuffy little hovel you call home. Just do me a favor before you abandon ship, and post this little ditty I came up with during one of my naps. And if you know what's good for you, you'll bring me back one of those Drumstick thingys.

There was a young man named Jim
It seems he had three chins
But all's for the better
Get the rye and smoked cheddar
I'll make a sandwich out of his limbs


  1. Hello Ariel. You are quite a fine poet! I came over from the CB.

  2. You are furry floofy.
    You's need to join
    Floof & Fur
    Mine sisfur Faith Boomerang haf a huge floofy tail like that, too.
    Love and Purrs,

  3. Hi, Ariel, We read about your new blog on the CB, so we came by to say hello.

  4. Hello!! It's so nice to meet you! We read about you on the cat blogosphere. We are the Creek Cats and we love visitors, so please stop in and see us sometime!

  5. That's not about our Dad is it? Heehee

  6. Hi Ariel. That's a cute limerick. A little bloodthirsty, but cute.

  7. Ariel, delicious limerick. Add some tasty mustard for dipping & a fine brew, then Jim is perfect for me and you.

    Wendy alerted us (Busby & Tiki) to your bloggie! Floofy & Funny!