Thursday, September 3, 2009

Humans are wussies

Hey to you out there. Apparently, my human has some things to take care of in her life (yawn, yawn, and double yawn), so I will be taking a break from dictating my immortal words of wisdom for a little while. I hope you have enjoyed the pearls I have dispensed (you can take 'pearls' to mean whatever you will), and I will be back. Don't worry. There is much more I have to say.
Signing off for now.


  1. I hope you will be back soon! I'll miss you!

  2. I hate it when my humans play that "I'm too busy game"...

  3. Oh, I'm sorry to hear this. I'll be waiting for your return.

  4. Ariel, you are such a saucy thing! Tell your mama not to stay gone for too long. We will miss you!

  5. What a cute tushie!!!!!

    Love, Auntie Deb

  6. What a bummer! I hope your human has time for your blog soon.

  7. Sassy & saucy. Ariel, you haf got to see mine sisfur Faith Boomerangs tail. It is so huge it haf it's own name (George) and it's own zip code.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: Just kidding about that zip code part.

    Pleeze come back and post some more.

  8. Ariel....come back soon! Love the "talk to the tail" picture!