Thursday, June 21, 2012

To-do….Or, Not.

Hey lady! I am highly suspicious that you think I am, dare I say, slightly unmotivated.  While I would never use such a vile adjective to describe my slightly fluffy self, I do feel it necessary to defend myself by showing you that yes, I do have goals, in the form of a daily to-do list. Gnaw on THAT for a minute.

Ahem. So let’s get to today’s list. You’ll notice the first item is already completed. I have marked your furniture. It is mine. It is where I sleep, where I leave my “opinion” of your dusty dry gravel that passes for food. What’s that you say? I am not physically able to mark your furniture because I am a female? Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do! If I say it is marked, it is marked! Anyway, on to number two…excuse me? There are no drapes in this godforsaken place you call home? I cannot eat what is not there? Does the word “exhibitionist” ring a bell? Whatever, lady. You can’t stop me from completing my to-do list, and I’ll tell you another thing…What? What? You don’t HAVE new pillows to be shredded? Looks like YOU'RE the one with the to-do list.


  1. Happy Anniversary Ariel and Mao! May you have many more.

  2. Have you finished your todo list yet? Did your mom get new pillows to shred? We're looking forward to seeing what happened.

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